CyberSource Payment Authentication video

How can online merchants fight payment fraud—without losing customers by making the purchasing process too onerous and time-consuming? TDA created this video for CyberSource using simple, effective animation to show merchants how they can speed transactions without compromising security.


What does Hadoop and big data success look like?

Shown from an overhead perspective, this engaging video takes an inside look at the job of a data scientist, amusingly exposing the various roadblocks that can occur as he begins the initial steps of a big data project. Transitioning from problem to solution in several


Dell Mobility Workplace

Starting with a simple interaction between two coworkers, this video takes a magical, humorous turn as graphics, sound effects, and additional colleagues materialize from thin air. Through this engaging approach, the video conveys the value of a secure enterprise workspace and highlights several key features


IBM Global Technology Services | ATB Financial Teaser

This teaser video leaves no doubt that IBM is a great choice for major projects. Weaving together interviews from multiple executives, it tells the story of how IBM Global Technology Services helped ATB Financial Services relocate to a state-of-the-art data center.

View the full-length IBM Global


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