What does Hadoop and big data success look like?

Shown from an overhead perspective, this engaging video takes an inside look at the job of a data scientist, amusingly exposing the various roadblocks that can occur as he begins the initial steps of a big data project. Transitioning from problem to solution in several


Dell Mobility Workplace

Starting with a simple interaction between two coworkers, this video takes a magical, humorous turn as graphics, sound effects, and additional colleagues materialize from thin air. Through this engaging approach, the video conveys the value of a secure enterprise workspace and highlights several key features


IBM Global Technology Services | ATB Financial Teaser

This teaser video leaves no doubt that IBM is a great choice for major projects. Weaving together interviews from multiple executives, it tells the story of how IBM Global Technology Services helped ATB Financial Services relocate to a state-of-the-art data center.

View the full-length IBM Global


IBM Global Technology Services | NASCO Interview

Designed to show how IBM technology is revolutionizing healthcare claims processing, this four-minute video testimonial combines a customer interview with supplemental images to illustrate talking points and on-screen graphics that make it easy for viewers to understand the top takeaways.


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