IBM Bluemix Data Connect

How can you quickly illustrate the capabilities and benefits of a self-service data preparation and integration service? This animated video created for IBM uses a variety of icons to represent concepts ranging from data extraction and blending to cloud integration and data visualization. Motion graphics,


What does Hadoop and big data success look like?

Shown from an overhead perspective, this engaging video takes an inside look at the job of a data scientist, amusingly exposing the various roadblocks that can occur as he begins the initial steps of a big data project. Transitioning from problem to solution in several


IBM Building strong storage foundation for big data and analytics E-book

This TDA-designed IBM e-book explains why a strong storage foundation is essential for capitalizing on big data and analytics, and tells how organizations can enhance storage access, speed, and availability with IBM technology.

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IBM Big Data

Graphics go a long way toward compelling target audiences to learn more. And it helps when you can quickly summarize an issue so they read more of your material—and head further down the sales funnel.


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