IBM Cloud-Native Web Hub

How do you spark a shift to a new app development model? With help from TDA, IBM successfully launched a new web hub for enterprise application developers to explore cloud-native app development. With the goal of maximizing organic search capture, TDA composed SEO-optimized content for


IBM Cloud Education articles

How do you engage new prospects as they begin exploring new technologies? Working with the IBM Cloud Education team, TDA composed a series of SEO-optimized articles to increase organic search capture. Written for enterprise application developers, the articles explain key technologies, offer best practices for


IBM Global Technology Services case study

Created for IBM Global Technology Services, this case study charts the development of the [email protected] program, which deployed 50,000 Apple devices across IBM. Formatted horizontally like a presentation, the asset uses colorful call-outs and imagery to help tell an in-depth story in a short space.



IBM Cloud Integration video

How can the cloud bring valuable data to light? This video, produced for the IBM Cloud Integration team, helps answer the question by integrating clips from customer testimonials and conference presentations with on-screen text, icons, motion graphics, music, and sound effects. The result is a


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