Lenovo AI infographic

This colorful infographic presents thought-provoking artificial intelligence (AI) trends and use cases, and highlights Lenovo solutions that support AI initiatives. It integrates illustrations, icons, and photos with concise copy to produce an engaging asset that explains how readers can start their own AI journey.


Lenovo Services solution briefs

The Lenovo Data Center Services team needed new assets that could help showcase the company’s health check and managed services offerings. This series of solution briefs combines succinct, easily consumable content with colorful designs that maintain a consistent look and feel across the series while


Lenovo Services Data Sheet: Workload Deployment and Optimization for HX Series Nutanix Clusters

This Lenovo/Nutanix data sheet speaks the language of technical buyers and influencers. That fluency means the benefits of Lenovo services and Nutanix clusters are immediately understandable to IT professionals responsible for optimizing workloads in the data center.

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Lenovo Red Hat CloudForms

Combining the concepts of next-generation speed and proven economy, this infographic visually sells a Lenovo technology partnership to CIOs tasked with maximizing cloud.


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