Intel ISG Election Systems & Software case study

Election Systems & Software is helping to streamline the voting experience with tablets based on Intel Atom processors. This case study highlights compelling benefits realized by the company, poll workers, and voters in a story that centers on the voice of Intel’s customer.

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IBM PureData datagrams

This series of four datagrams brings together intriguing illustrated images, pops of color, compelling metrics, and concise, clear messaging. Together, the datagrams create a coordinated campaign that can be used in social media and elsewhere to drive the audience to an IBM white paper.


IBM insurance customers

This infographic blends photography, illustrated icons, plus a variety of text and color treatments to convey a large amount of information in a captivating, easily consumable piece. Readers can quickly glean challenges, solution capabilities, and benefits achieved by a representative customer. See it on


Why a secure enterprise workspace is the best approach for mobile productivity

Created for a team at Dell, this white paper is one in a series that highlights the capabilities and benefits of secure enterprise workspace solutions for mobile devices. The text weaves together thought leadership with substantial product information to engage both business and technical audiences.


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