Why a secure enterprise workspace is the best approach for mobile productivity

Created for a team at Dell, this white paper is one in a series that highlights the capabilities and benefits of secure enterprise workspace solutions for mobile devices. The text weaves together thought leadership with substantial product information to engage both business and technical audiences.


Connecting Patients and Clinicians with Mobile Technology

Simple, bold graphics carry an intriguing story line about the future of mobile healthcare, helping to build Dell brand awareness and thought leadership among healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, and administrators.


IBM Global Technology Services Slideshare

This slideshare for IBM Global Technology Services engages IT professionals through thought leadership about software-defined networking, using creative illustrations to highlight a key use case, outline potential benefits, and suggest steps for implementation.

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VMware CIO Vantage

The global CIO community can access a continuous stream of original and curated thought-leadership content through this mobile-optimized VMware CIO Vantage website. Social networking and sharing features help build community among executives.

Visit vmware.com/ciovantage

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