Quench your thirst for examples of effective lead-generation tactics with this week’s edition of the TDA Content Happy Hour. Our marketing news digest looks at best practices at the top of the funnel, which may help you concoct the right blend of social, mobile, and traditional outreach this quarter.

HubSpot shares 11 secrets that help them generate more leads than even Salesforce.com
By Ken Krogue at Forbes
According to Krogue, software provider HubSpot gets over a million Web visitors and over 60,000 leads every month. This piece examines the 11 secrets to the company’s lead-generation success—and content tops the list.

IDG finds B2B tech buyers influenced by social, mobile, and video
By Kate Maddox at B2B
Which marketing tactics are most effective at the top of the sales funnel? This summary of International Data Group’s recent “B2B Tech Buyers” report finds that B2B prospects are more likely than ever to be influenced by social media, mobile content, and video. Further down the funnel, corporate buyers rely heavily on traditional Web sites for in-depth information—making in-depth content critical for closing deals.

Twitter writing: Five tips to win in 140 characters
By Seth Lieberman at B2B
To paraphrase the Bard, brevity is the soul of hits when it comes to Twitter. Lieberman’s primer on the essentials of effective tweeting may be useful for marketers searching for ways to successfully interact with prospects.