Bad luck due to an arbitrary calendar date? Nonsense. Things look pretty sunny for savvy content marketers this Friday the 13th. This week’s TDA Content Happy Hour provides expert insight on items to consider for midyear reviews, more stats to support increased mobile marketing budgets, and a look at what drives top executive decision-making. So banish superstition with this edition of our news digest; it’s full of stories that will ensure a happy Friday the 13th.

New Year’s in June: 13 Mid-Year Content Marketing Resolutions
By Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute
What could be more appropriate for Friday the 13th than a list of 13 ways to boost content marketing effectiveness? Take a look at Pulizzi’s article for ideas on reviewing your 2014 strategies and getting ready for 2015. You’ll find editorial calendar tips, suggestions for better coordination with sales colleagues, mobile content testing pointers, and more.

Worldwide Smartphone Usage to Grow 25% in 2014
eMarketer Staff Report
Bolster your arguments for increasing the mobile marketing budget with this report that illustrates how rapidly mobile devices have become part of everyday life. It includes maps of Asia, Europe, and North America showing when countries are projected to achieve 50 percent smartphone penetration among the total population. As you’ll see, some nations have already reached this point—and the majority of industrialized countries are on the verge of hitting this milestone.

Smartphones the No. 2 Device for Following World Cup
eMarketer Staff Report
Another eMarketer article offers more evidence for the meteoric rise of mobile. See why almost half of the world’s soccer fans will be tuning into the beautiful game’s championship matches on mobile devices.

Data-Driven Decision-Making Popular, But Informed by Intuition
MarketingCharts Staff Report
If you can help decision-makers understand how to measure data, you may get what you want from them. According to a recent Applied Predictive Technologies study, reports MarketingCharts, 42 percent of business leaders say they rely on data to make decisions, while only 10 percent let gut feelings drive direction. But intuition still plays a role for these execs when they don’t understand how to analyze data.