Many B2B marketers like to think of their organizations as finely tuned vehicles that speed prospects toward the sale—and the organization toward the prospect. It’s a great aspiration. But what if your turbocharged machine is missing its transmission? No matter how hard you put the pedal to the metal, you’re just not going to get anywhere without content. The wheels of sales automation, for example, turn faster when you’ve got content firing on all cylinders.

The road to sales has multiple on-ramps
Marketers know that the customer purchasing journey can be complex. Your customers are interacting with you in a variety of ways, using different devices, often over several days for a single purchase. Customers drive by your website and progress part-way through a purchasing process, only to speed off prior to checkout. Shifts in the marketplace are continually changing the way people buy and companies sell.

Today’s customers expect to buy when, where, and how they want. They are using numerous channels to source information, compare prices, and make purchases. In a wide range of industries, sales success requires companies to be tuned to the multiple information on-ramps connected buyers take to investigate products and services.

The multichannel approach puts a premium on timeliness. It is more important than ever to deliver sales messages, including promotional discounts and offers, at the right time in the buyer’s journey. Powerful analytics now enable marketers to detect the point at which a potential customer became frustrated or lost interest. You can leverage these insights to respond in a way that changes the way buyers think—for example, by offering a free trial or other incentive. Smartly interacting with your customers will ensure they receive a high-quality, consistent experience across all channels, at all times. That drives sales and results in repeat buyers.

Shifting gears at the right stage
Despite the complexity of today’s multichannel marketplace, the customer journey still is frequently defined by three stages in the sales funnel:

  • At the top of the sales funnel, buyers are in a discovery phase, where a strong, simple benefit statement is key to attracting their attention to your product or service.
  • At the middle or learning stage, the buyer is looking for proof points, success stories, and other convincing information.
  • The decision stage, at the narrow end of the funnel, can benefit from incentives such as discounts or trial offers to help close the sale.

The trick, of course, is to be able to shift your content gears to meet each of these milestones.

Regardless of where a sales prospect happens to be in their customer journey, content counts. Accelerating the journey requires producing captivating, relevant content for your target audience at each and every stage—whether the customer is browsing the Internet or attending a trade show at the discovery stage, gathering information online or in person at the learning stage, or comparing prices at the decision stage.

Your content must clearly describe the business benefits delivered by your products or services. Often, compelling information is available within an organization but can be time-consuming or difficult to tease out. For this reason, a professional content creation agency can be a wise choice to interview your subject-matter experts, capture their ideas, help identify key proof points, and create accurate, persuasive marketing materials.

In addition to product-specific messaging, a common message that supports your brand should be woven into all of the content at every stage. This includes the broad spectrum of communications assets ranging from blogs, tweets, and webinars to web copy, white papers, and case studies.

The quality of the customer experience has never been more important as a competitive differentiator and sales accelerator, and this is where the right content truly matters. Organizations that understand the importance of content drive audiences through the sales funnel—from prospect to paying customer—fast. Other organizations? Well, they pretend they’re getting somewhere. Vroom!

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