Looking to improve your marketing results? Start with sharp tools and sound tactics. This week’s digest explores several indispensable skills for creating an effective social media strategy and stunning visual content. You’ll also discover how new Snapchat features help improve your marketing efficiency and why improvements in Skype for Business provide a more streamlined mobile experience. Plus, find out what Google’s new restructuring and name change mean to you.

4 powerful tips for a highly effective B2B social media strategy
By Jawad Khan at MarketingProfs
One marketing skill that needs constant polishing is social media strategy. Khan offers four powerful tips for helping B2B companies improve their social media success, including the exact steps to create a strategy that’s both engaging for your audience and convincing to management.

3 proven ways to nail visual storytelling
By Dawn Papandrea at Content Marketing Institute
Content that incorporates compelling visual elements and graphics can generate up to 94 percent more views. So how do you go about perfecting your visual storytelling? Papandrea recommends creating a consistent brand strategy that incorporates three key elements and outlines best practices for each.

Which B2B lead acquisition channel converts best?
By MarketingCharts Staff
Word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely powerful within our social circles. But how effective is it in the B2B world? According to an analysis of lead-to-opportunity conversion rates, referrals by far have the highest conversion rate—nearly four times higher than the 10 channels examined. Read on for the complete list.

With new update, Snapchat will be less of a data hog
By Christina Warren at Mashable
While visual content is highly effective for marketers, it can be a data drain for mobile users. Learn how recent updates from Snapchat help prevent the app from using too much data, while helping to streamline social media tasks.

Skype for Business preview is hitting Android and iOS
By Napier Lopez at The Next Web
Looking for greater simplicity and efficiency in your mobile environment? Learn how the Skype for Business preview app for iOS and Android can help streamline conversations and improve usability, including easier switching between video and chat. Read about the latest features.

What does Google’s new Alphabet mean for you?
By Jackie Dove at The Next Web
Wondering how Google’s latest restructuring and name change will impact your world? Don’t worry—it has nothing to do with search algorithms or other Internet-related functions. Find out how the company’s new business entity might affect your life in other ways.