Content Happy Hour: How do you prepare for the holidays when the web doesn’t hibernate?

You’re taking time off soon. The web won’t be. Not to worry: here are some gift-wrapped hints for last-minute campaigns in this week’s news digest—as well as tips and trends that will help you stay current with the latest digital marketing developments. This way you’ll


Tips for knocking it out of the park

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ve probably heard baseball aficionados say that getting to the big leagues takes practice and preparation. Same story for content marketers. This week’s news digest looks at ways to stay limber and focused in content marketing campaigns. You’ll


5 ways to crown your creative achievements

Content is king in B2B marketing, but how do you make sure the king’s reign is effective? This week’s digest examines five ways to elevate creative efforts so your company has a better chance of assuming a market leadership position. You’ll discover elements needed for


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