C-level blogging: 7 tips for successfully using a ghostwriter

For executives at high-tech companies, C-level blogging is a great idea—in theory. The time-consuming reality is usually another matter.

Still, a blog from the C-suite means you can personally reach a much-larger yet targeted audience than would otherwise be possible. You can contribute thought leadership, share


Conducting a choir of individual voices

Many organizations strive to maintain a single, consistent style and voice across content marketing projects. Achieving that goal can be challenging: marketing teams often must integrate a variety of ideas, create a unified message, and then convey that message without deviation.

But what if you need


Joining the mobile video party

Want to be the life of the marketing party? Mix mobile with video. Discover how smartphones and tablets are transforming video viewing habits in this week’s edition of our content marketing news digest. You’ll also find stories about a new YouTube viewer analytics tool, measuring


What’s a word worth?

Those words you’re writing? They’re so money. Or at least they can be if you’re committed to high-quality content creation. Discover why sharp, clear language is vital to search engine optimization success in this week’s edition of our content marketing digest. Plus, learn 10 things


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