C-level blogging: 7 tips for successfully using a ghostwriter

For executives at high-tech companies, C-level blogging is a great idea—in theory. The time-consuming reality is usually another matter.

Still, a blog from the C-suite means you can personally reach a much-larger yet targeted audience than would otherwise be possible. You can contribute thought leadership, share


4 ways to become more persuasive

Short of hitting prospects over the head, how do you make your organization more persuasive? You can start by reading this week’s edition of our marketing news digest, which looks at delivering the hooks that connect with target audiences. In a nice way, of course.



Producing the ripest content

There’s an abundance of digital content available today—but not all of it is worthy of picking. How can you produce the juiciest, most enticing content for your hungry audience? Check out this week’s news digest to learn how to cultivate organic leads with video, compose


Sidestepping slippery situations

When you’ve got all the right moves, you can handle tricky situations with aplomb. This week’s digest looks at ways for marketers to negotiate difficult situations with grace. See 11 content mishaps to avoid, and learn how a simple step can prevent awkward tweets. You’ll


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