Cloud providers must fly past 3 challenges to accelerate revenue growth

If the future of tech is cloud, the future has arrived. Why are so many cloud providers struggling to grow revenue at the sensational scale everyone seems to expect? To find out, I recently attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in San Francisco, where


The cloud is changing B2B marketing

My friend, colleague, and client, Carl Naessans from Telstra, posted a startling blog article about the changing landscape of enterprise sales. In this post, he mentions a recent Forrester study that predicts our economy will employ about a million fewer B2B salespeople in 2020 than


Pulse 2014 drenches attendees with cloud solutions

It was raining ideas at the recent IBM-sponsored Pulse 2014 cloud computing conference in Las Vegas. You rarely see the potential of the cloud crystallize right in front of you in a new way, but that’s what I experienced when I attended Pulse 2014 from


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