How to fix 6 common content problems—and boost sales

If your marketing programs aren’t helping accelerate sales, you almost certainly have a content problem. Typically, the malady has at least one of six symptoms—and can usually be resolved quickly.

As always, recognizing the problem is the first step toward recovery. How many content problem symptoms


Making the content-data connection

How about some data about the data that makes your content a more effective selling tool? This week’s digest is full of recent news about the insights that can help you better guide prospects toward the sale. You’ll find out how to start using Facebook’s


Scaling new opportunities

Catch up on how content marketers are reaching new heights in this week’s news digest. You’ll find out why content and digital marketing efforts are getting more funding—and learn what you can do to get your share of those dollars. Discover how to harness new


Seeing what sales sees

Do you see what the sales team sees? If you’re not sure, take a look at this week’s content marketing digest for advice on producing content sales folks crave. You’ll find articles about bridging the divide between sales and marketing teams, and then progress to


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