Find big opportunities in the week’s top stories

Advantages await marketers who follow the latest content marketing news developments. In this edition of our weekly digest, you’ll discover why you should spend more on visual assets, focus on creating mobile content, and carefully craft your email subject lines. You’ll also learn why content


Do I need a design system?

And btw, what is a design system? I’ll begin to answer those questions with a question. Does your business or service produce marketing or communication materials?

If the answer is “yes,” then you need a design system.

A design system is a thoughtful grouping of elements that,


What does it all mean?

Is your work attracting prospects—and getting those prospects closer to purchase? This week, our content marketing news digest looks at developments that may help B2B marketers answer these questions. Read on to discover how well particular content types attract high-quality leads, and peek at new


Three things that will sink your e-book

Savvy marketers know finely crafted e-books are highly effective tools for promoting products and services. Yet three common mistakes often ensure that e-books end up collecting digital dust. It’s a pity, because these design-rich, information-stuffed pieces pack an impressive descriptive punch while explaining the benefits


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