Sidestepping slippery situations

When you’ve got all the right moves, you can handle tricky situations with aplomb. This week’s digest looks at ways for marketers to negotiate difficult situations with grace. See 11 content mishaps to avoid, and learn how a simple step can prevent awkward tweets. You’ll


How do you diplomatically tell important people that they can’t write?

I recently had lunch with a friend who manages the relationships between one of our clients and an important group of industry analysts. He described a ticklish challenge he’s facing this way: “All of these guys are smart, but not all of them can write.


Five bite-sized news items that may feed your career goals

Career advancement can be like eating a chocolate bunny: a nibble here and there, and soon you see real progress. This week’s news digest covers five recent items that may help you get ahead. Read a primer on protecting work from the Heartbleed exploit and


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