Ingredients of a successful rebranding campaign for IBM

Rebranding a product line may seem simple to outsiders, but to those responsible for implementing the strategy, it’s an intense and meticulous process.

In the IT industry, brand loyalty tends to be a cumulative process that occurs over months and years of relationship-building. But there are


Content Happy Hour: Does your look and feel have audience appeal?

Great presentation leads to interest, investigation, and consumption. Just ask any reputable restaurateur or designer of haute couture. Or you can skip the bother and read this week’s news roundup for content packaging best practices that can help build and retain audiences.

You’ll find social media


Keeping marketing fresh in the dog days of summer

As temperatures rise and thoughts turn to vacation getaways, you need ways to keep your marketing efforts from going to the dogs. This week’s news digest explores ideas for helping your content marketing stay vibrant and fresh this summer and beyond. Learn why blogs, images,


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