4 tips for becoming a customer acquisition VIP

What was more significant to you this this week? Sean Penn flipping out when someone tried to take his picture prior to the DreamForce event–or the four tips we’ve found for becoming a customer acquisition star? Read this week’s edition of our content marketing news


Boosting content utilization is like effective fishing

When clients ask us how to boost content utilization, age-old angling advice seems to work well: go where the fish are. After baiting the hook with compelling content, you need to cast in spots where your quarry is likely to swim. Using online, social, and


Six Ways to Get Salespeople to Expand the Case Study Pipeline

In a meeting with a very large client last week, we asked a VP there what kinds of collateral his sales team finds most useful. The VP’s response was immediate: “Case studies, no doubt about it.” His answer reinforces what TDA has come to know


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