The internal-external agency partnership—finding synergy for success

In the high-tech industry and other fields, companies are increasingly building—and acquiring—internal agencies for content marketing, advertising, video production, and similar functions. Does this indicate the demise of the external agency as we know it?

As someone who works at one of those external agencies, I


The winning formula of integrated marketing

Cost-effectiveness never goes out of style, and that makes the integrated marketing approach ideal for marketers tasked with managing tight budgets and delivering more quantifiable returns. Integrated marketing maximizes ROI and reduces inefficiencies. It also aligns, supports, and feeds each stage of the sales cycle.


What’s the story? And how are you telling it?

Your task? Ensure compelling content. That’s why this week’s digest looks at the latest news about sharpening storytelling skills. You’ll learn how to develop content through a five-part framework and get media company secrets that boost content marketing success. Plus, see how to turn your


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