Content Happy Hour: How do you prepare for the holidays when the web doesn’t hibernate?

You’re taking time off soon. The web won’t be. Not to worry: here are some gift-wrapped hints for last-minute campaigns in this week’s news digest—as well as tips and trends that will help you stay current with the latest digital marketing developments. This way you’ll


Scaling new opportunities

Catch up on how content marketers are reaching new heights in this week’s news digest. You’ll find out why content and digital marketing efforts are getting more funding—and learn what you can do to get your share of those dollars. Discover how to harness new


Giving irrelevancy the boot

Content marketing shouldn’t be an exercise in futility. This week’s news digest looks at four ways to ensure your work has meaning—and positively affects your organization. You’ll find an explanation of why B2B marketing and B2C marketing are different species, and a guide to creating


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