More ways to get noticed

Content doesn’t go viral on its own. This week’s news digest looks at tips for addressing the perennial problem of getting content read, viewed, heard, and shared. You’ll read about a LinkedIn tool designed to encourage others to share the content your team creates, as


How to fix 6 common content problems—and boost sales

If your marketing programs aren’t helping accelerate sales, you almost certainly have a content problem. Typically, the malady has at least one of six symptoms—and can usually be resolved quickly.

As always, recognizing the problem is the first step toward recovery. How many content problem symptoms


Wowing your audiences

This week’s content marketing digest is full of ideas for captivating the people you need to influence. You’ll first see a handy public speaking cheat sheet for planning, practicing, and delivering the perfect speech. Then, discover why just being yourself can contribute to business success


What’s the story? And how are you telling it?

Your task? Ensure compelling content. That’s why this week’s digest looks at the latest news about sharpening storytelling skills. You’ll learn how to develop content through a five-part framework and get media company secrets that boost content marketing success. Plus, see how to turn your


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