6 ways to get salespeople to expand the case study pipeline

Customer testimonials typically shorten sales cycles. Then why can it be so difficult to get salespeople to help generate case study leads? Just like the sales process itself, customer reference programs need a pipeline—and our experience shows that only 1 out of every 10 case


4 components of an effective success story

If your business is similar to most IT companies, success stories are likely to be the most valuable marketing content you can produce. Done right, these stories overcome skepticism, shorten sales cycles, and help close deals. This form of sales literature provides real-world evidence of


More ways to get noticed

Content doesn’t go viral on its own. This week’s news digest looks at tips for addressing the perennial problem of getting content read, viewed, heard, and shared. You’ll read about a LinkedIn tool designed to encourage others to share the content your team creates, as


How to fix 6 common content problems—and boost sales

If your marketing programs aren’t helping accelerate sales, you almost certainly have a content problem. Typically, the malady has at least one of six symptoms—and can usually be resolved quickly.

As always, recognizing the problem is the first step toward recovery. How many content problem symptoms


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