Content Happy Hour: Does your look and feel have audience appeal?

Great presentation leads to interest, investigation, and consumption. Just ask any reputable restaurateur or designer of haute couture. Or you can skip the bother and read this week’s news roundup for content packaging best practices that can help build and retain audiences.

You’ll find social media


Content Happy Hour: 4 social trends ready to help you luck out

No need to cower under your desk this Friday the 13th. Instead, take a look at this edition of our news roundup. It’s full of tips for boosting your marketing fortunes—and not leaving audience attraction to chance. Get the latest pointers on winning the hearts


Focusing tips for better results

There’s the hard way, and then there’s the easy way. There’s also the right way, which may seem hard, but better to get it right early on, wouldn’t you say? Read this week’s content marketing news digest for tips that can help you meet your


Sharpen your marketing tools

Looking to improve your marketing results? Start with sharp tools and sound tactics. This week’s digest explores several indispensable skills for creating an effective social media strategy and stunning visual content. You’ll also discover how new Snapchat features help improve your marketing efficiency and why


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