Which TDA blog posts were most popular with B2B content marketers last year? You chose customer case study best practices—along with a guide for tackling a sensitive subject most content marketers must address throughout their careers. Read on for lessons and humor from last year that can be applied to 2016.

In ascending order, here are the top four blog posts that resonated with readers like you in 2015:

Number 4:
6 ways to get salespeople to expand the case study pipeline

Number 3:
7 tips for mastering the art of the customer SME interview

Number 2:
4 components of an effective success story

And before we get to the most popular blog post of 2015, take a moment to consider that the preceding posts all examine critical facets of case study programs. Whether it’s funneling more stories into the pipeline, getting more out of the customer interview, or writing a more compelling story, interest in these topics suggests what effective marketers have known for years: One of the most effective marketing content assets is a well-produced customer case study.

Getting case studies published also ties into the most popular blog post we produced last year. And that post was…

Number 1:
How do you diplomatically tell important people that they can’t write?

This came as no surprise to me. In my travels around the country and in dozens of meetings with clients, I can’t tell you how many times people approached me personally with stories of how they applied the article’s suggestions. Thanks to all of you who shared these stories. Some of them were hysterically funny.

The fact that this was the most popular post of the year points to a more serious issue: Writing is not typing. If that was the case, marketers could simply spend a few minutes banging on the keyboard to lead prospects down the funnel.

Because we all learn to write, to some extent, in elementary school, it’s a skill that’s easily underestimated. But it’s more than just a skill. Professional writers, when reviewed, corrected, and coached by professional editors, create text that’s concise and clear.

Thank you for continuing to find our marketing best practices content compelling. In the weeks ahead, you’ll see more from us about effective writing and editing, customer references, quotes, case studies, and video testimonials. We look forward to working with you this new year. Let us know how we can help with your content marketing strategy and execution as 2016 unfolds.