Consider this TDA maxim as you settle down with your Friday beverage of choice: Don’t just attract—make sure you interact. To demonstrate, we’ve scoured the Web to find recent stories about driving engagement so you can accelerate the sales cycle (you know, the stuff content marketing is supposed to do). Read on for news items covering content strategy, tactics, and opportunities that can help trigger repeat business and convert prospects into sales-ready leads.

6 Steps to Content Marketing Domination
By Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute
Can you use content marketing to dominate an entire industry category? It’s quite possible to achieve, writes Content Marketing Institute supremo Joe Pulizzi. Read his article for specific examples of how content marketing has been responsible for building companies—and creating revenue.

Top 5 Content Marketing Excuses and How to Handle Them
By Noelle Schuck at Vertical Measures
Now that you’ve read Pulizzi’s examples of what content marketing can do, take a look at this piece to see why the excuses for not doing content marketing are becoming more and more feeble. Schuck has snappy answers for five of the more shaky excuses.

5 ways to use LinkedIn for content marketing
By Beki Winchel at Ragan’s PR Daily
Don’t overlook LinkedIn’s power as a channel to stream content—and engage with people who are likely to find what you have to offer interesting. Winchel lists five essential tactics that can help you grow your influence with people likely to buy what you’ve got.

How to Share an Update on LinkedIn
By James Potter at Business 2 Community
Once you’ve digested Winchel’s LinkedIn overview, turn to Potter’s article, which focuses on best practices for sharing content with your LinkedIn community. While you may know some of these steps, Potter’s step-by-step approach includes a few tips even seasoned LinkedIn users may not know.

How Often Do US Smartphone Owners Check Their Devices?
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Check out this overview of a recent Gallup report explaining how often your prospects start twitching for mobile content, keeping in mind that it’s more often than you may realize. Then consider that mobile users probably don’t care whose content they’re consuming—just as long as the stuff is compelling and engaging.

Japan’s Mt. Fuji now has free WiFi. Here are some other remote Web hotspots.
By Jacob Bogage at The Washington Post
New frontiers in content accessibility keep getting broken. Ten years ago, our clients at Intel deployed WiFi at the North Pole. Today, writes Bogage, you can get Internet access in some of the most remote places on earth.

13 clever and inspiring quotes about writing
By Laura Hale Brockway at Ragan’s PR Daily
Why confuse or bore people? Good writing goes a long way in driving engagement. Brockway’s compilation of quotes about writing can easily be used to measure the quality of your content. Our favorite is from Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”