Happy 2017! In keeping with TDA tradition, we’ve identified the top 5 blog posts of 2016 for a peek at top-of-mind items for B2B marketers over the last 12 months. But this annual exercise is more than a look in the rearview mirror. It frequently provides a window into trends and tactics marketing professionals should be familiar with now—and shows what issues will continue to be relevant as the new calendar progresses.

In ascending order, here are the top five blog posts that resonated with our readers in 2016.

Number 5:

Is the white paper dead?

While the traditional white paper might seem like it’s in decline, the need for in-depth information remains as critical as ever. This article offers tips for breathing new life into the white paper in ways that best accommodate today’s information-overloaded audiences.

Number 4:

What is a smart paper?

Interest in this topic coincides with the move by companies toward shorter, more visually oriented digital assets. In this post, we explore the common characteristics of HTML smart papers and explain the vital role they can play in educating and engaging customers.

Number 3:

TDA and IBM: Creating a successful rebranding campaign

Executing an effective rebranding campaign can be a complex undertaking. To minimize risk and avoid mistakes, it’s natural that people want to learn from the success of others. This article examines the key elements of a productive rebranding campaign TDA helped implement for IBM and reinforces the importance of creating a unified and consistent brand identity and messaging.

Number 2:

5 reasons to choose smart papers over PDF documents

As document formats evolve to meet changing audience demands, it’s no surprise to us that interest in smart papers continues to grow. This article dives into the advantages of an HTML smart paper and gives some persuasive reasons why you might want to consider this format for better audience engagement.

Number 1:

6 ingredients of case studies that deliver results

Not a huge surprise here. Case studies remain highly popular for one simple reason: They make superb sales tools. This article outlines six steps for developing an effective case study article, including guidelines for making your story compelling and packaging it in a visually attractive format that’s right for your audience.

During 2017, we’ll continue to focus on strategy, trends, and tactics that help you do your marketing job more efficiently. Let us know what topics inspire you—and we may just write about it. We look forward to bringing you more insightful content in the weeks ahead.

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Happy New Year!