TDA and IBM: Turning B2B content marketing into a game

Your customers and prospects are barraged with calls, emails, social media posts, and other attempts to connect all day long. How will your content marketing assets attract their attention and keep it long enough to get your message across? Sometimes it takes more than a traditional content marketing piece.

The IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) team asked TDA Group to come up with a new way to convey the benefits of delivering the right business content, to the right people, at the right time. The goals for this new asset were to provide compelling examples that highlighted the importance of using business content—and the value of the IBM ECM portfolio—all in a fun, interactive asset.

This new, interactive asset had to meet a number of requirements. First and foremost, it had to be visually compelling. It needed to stand above the tremendous volume of content continuously streaming in to customers and prospects. Second, the interactive capabilities had to work not only on mobile devices and laptops but also on large-event touch screens. Third, it had to be intuitive enough to be used without guidance from staff or a long list of directions. And fourth, it had to minimize product mentions. IBM wanted to focus more on business content than technology features.

Together, TDA and IBM landed on the concept of an interactive infographic that could be played like a board game. The result was a “Customer Connection” game intended to appeal to line-of-business managers.

The game was designed as a colorful, illustration-rich piece that would instantly catch the attention of the audience. Bold colors on a light background plus simple animated elements draw the eye in without distracting from the main action and pop-ups. To keep the piece simple, the TDA creative team avoided extraneous hyperlinks, product feature lists, and other elements that would muddy both the design and the message.

The game offers an easy-to-understand framework that directs users through each of the main messages. Users progress through several business scenarios where having accurate, accessible content can make a real, positive difference in a customer-facing process. In some cases, users get to move ahead by having the right content at their fingertips. In other cases, users see the poor outcomes that can occur when content isn’t readily available; they move backward on the path.

The game moves the game piece forward and back automatically, helping to guarantee that users get to the final square and the call to action. Because the game progresses with a few simple clicks, users are immediately engaged and can play quickly without waiting for results or dealing with long load times.

Ready to play?
Check out—and play—the Customer Connection game on the TDA Group portfolio page. And view a few other designs we’ve created for our clients.