TDA and Dell: Using infographics and video to convey complex concepts

How can you help a nontechnical audience understand a complex concept like network security? A team from Dell wanted to reach small business owners and explain to them why they simply can’t afford to ignore network security threats. The ultimate goal was to produce qualified leads and accelerate the sales cycle.

The challenge was that most small business owners don’t have in-depth technical knowledge of IT networks. A highly technical marketing asset wouldn’t work.

Working with TDA, the Dell team decided to create a short, compelling video—one that was geared specifically toward small business owners.

Dell SonicWALL video
Through clever animation graphics and a plainspoken story line, the TDA-produced video conveys an important point to small business owners: if you’re not thinking about network security, you should be—your business depends on it.

Down-to-earth animation graphics help highlight the types of firewall capabilities viewers need to safeguard their small businesses against threats. The voiceover narrative then leads viewers toward Dell firewall solutions, conveying the key messages and presenting the most important capabilities.

This video was posted on YouTube and the Dell SonicWALL video gallery. On the Dell site, the video appears alongside links to deeper-dive, solution-specific content assets, including data sheets, white papers, case studies, technical briefs, and on-demand webcasts. The 2015 video won a Telly Award in the Business-to-Business video category.

In addition to producing the video, TDA created an infographic targeting the same small business owner audience. The infographic was designed to complement the video and additional campaign assets, presenting metrics that underscored risk factors and emphasizing the capabilities required to combat threats.

Video can help convey complex information effectively
Communicating complex technical information can be challenging. However TDA’s approach to video can help effectively communicate one’s message in an engaging way to a wide range of audiences. Check out additional videos produced by TDA.