Marketing high-tech products always comes with a special kind of challenge. How do you grab attention and build excitement about a solution while still communicating enough technical information to be credible? That task brought IBM to TDA seeking help with messaging and marketing its IBM® Spectrum Storage™ Suite software—a software defined storage solution capable of handling the data storage requirements of today’s vital analytics applications.

Plenty of marketing materials about IBM Spectrum Storage already existed, our client told us, but a key piece was missing. IBMers who spend time on the road talking with the sales channel needed something that would draw in business partners and direct sellers. This sales tool must get people in the sales channel excited about suggesting components from the IBM Spectrum Storage family to their customers. Maybe this piece could even function as a sales tool for presentation on mobile devices.

Technically credible—and captivating
At TDA, we’ve created many marketing materials for the channel. And today, we have a new item in our toolkit to meet customer needs: the smart paper. Think of it as a white paper gone digital—but with technical credibility more captivating than a static PDF, interactive graphics that get ideas across at a glance, and embedded links to videos and other information sources.

Our IBM clients agreed that a smart paper was the right vehicle for this journey. Next up: deciding on a theme. As IBM Business Partners and direct sellers, the target audience for the smart paper knew a bit about software defined storage. After all, IBM Spectrum Storage had been recognized by IDC as number one in the market for software defined storage. But as our client talked with us, an interesting concept emerged.

Creative insight on customer options
The six different products in the suite not only provide great value individually, they also deliver a highly synergistic storage environment to meet the complex data needs of today’s advanced analytics. For example, by combining the analytics capability from one solution with the monitoring and management capability of another suite component, organizations gain a smart pane of glass to view the storage ecosystem. This collaborative tool understands the behaviors of the environment and simplifies administration through capabilities such as automatically pulling warm data to cold storage, if the data isn’t touched very often.

Building on this insight, we developed the IBM smart paper, Six synergies of storage innovation. This smart paper takes what could have been a complex topic and turns it into a visually engaging look at unlocking the potential of data. By focusing on a new topic, the six synergies, this piece gets the attention of professionals in the sales channel and helps them show their customers why the suite is the right choice for today’s workloads.

IBM also asked us to produce a companion smart paper focused on one particular component in the suite—IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software. Securing data at rest is no longer optional—but you do have alternatives capitalizes on the rich graphic potential of the smart paper format. It presents a concise approach showing how the product is designed to efficiently encrypt data at rest and virtualize mixed storage environments. And in this smart paper, TDA utilized a unique dashboard approach to evaluating existing solutions that makes it easy for readers to consider three different data encryption options and their trade-offs.

Visually keeping pace with technology
Competitive technology enterprises need to rapidly communicate innovative technical ideas to potential customers, and the smart paper offers an exciting and effective tool for today’s marketers. Find out how we can help your organization build excitement with decision-makers—while also being credible to technical professionals whose opinion shapes IT purchasing decisions. Drop us a line. We’re ready to help.